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 Before you see sea stars again…

Before you see sea stars again…

Before you see sea stars again, make sure you bring your vehicle to see our RMI stars!


With the holiday season behind us, it’s time to decide where to take the family next. It is also the time of year that your vehicle needs to be serviced after its recent adventures, and just like deciding on the perfect destination for the family, finding the right workshop for a car service or repair can sometimes be stressful.

When you decide where to go on holiday, the star rating helps to give you an idea of ​​the quality of the accommodation before you choose a place to stay. Although not an exact science, the star rating is a good way for consumers to know what they are getting, and the same principle is used when you want to get your car serviced without risking poor workmanship.

The hospitality industry uses star ratings as a way to guide consumers to the best possible accommodation for their budget. The Motor Industry Workshop Association (MIWA) is an association of the Retail Motor Industry Association (RMI), and has implemented a similar star-rating system, designed to help motorists choose a good workshop for their vehicle.

A five-star rating is the highest level of accreditation that a workshop can meet. To become a five-star rated workshop, workshops must be fully audited and also meet requirements around the workshop’s design and equipment, tools to assess customer satisfaction, and extra services (such as washing your vehicle before delivery, or free delivery or collection).

During the accreditation process, the workshop has to undergo a thorough assessment. Certain standards are set for tools and diagnostic equipment that will be inspected during the audit. The health and safety operating procedures, the premises, equipment, administration, waste removal, and staffing will be assessed, including business details such as parking facilities, lighting, ventilation, and uniforms! Possibly the most important benefit of using an accredited workshop is the knowledge that there is an association you can deal with in the event of bad service or poor workmanship experience. To protect the interests of members and the consumer, the RMI helps to maintain proper service standards and ethical trading conditions in the industry, and where necessary provides upliftment programs to improve the knowledge and professionalism of members.

At N1 4×4, all vehicles are serviced by qualified staff in our fully equipped RMI-certified workshop. We are passionate about Toyota Land Cruisers and Toyota 4×4 vehicles, and our experience in working with these cars has not only made us develop a strong understanding of how they function, and what their strong points are. Our workshops only offer fair prices, quality service, and good craftsmanship.

So… if you are looking for a workshop to service your car before the festive season, N1 4×4 is the automatic choice to put stars in your eyes. We can also give you some good ideas if you still have to decide on that ideal 5-star destination before you say goodbye to 2022 😉

Before thinking about packing your clothes for the December holidays, remember to schedule a service or repair here https://n14x4.co.za/rmi-workshop/

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