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 Top 6 reasons why you should drive a Toyota 4×4.

Top 6 reasons why you should drive a Toyota 4×4.

Top 6 reasons why you should drive a Toyota 4×4.

Having a car is no longer about just getting from one place to another; of course, the core essence of having a car is exactly that; getting from point A to point B. Over the years, our cars started becoming more than that; they have become a place where we can share memories with our friends and family and a way that we can make a statement when we show up at a place. Like many things we own, our cars tell a story about who we are and what we value most.

We at N1 4×4 have a deep passion for Toyota Land Cruisers and Toyota 4×4 vehicles. Our experience in working with these cars has not only made us grow a certain love and loyalty towards them but has helped us develop a strong understanding of how they function, their strong points – and if you’re anything like us – why we think you should drive a Toyota 4×4.

  1. Reliability – A car that won’t let you down!

Toyota 4×4 vehicles are well-known for their reliability. If you own a Toyota 4×4 it has probably been in your family for many years. “As per Consumer Reports annual rankings related to reliability, Toyota ranks second with a reliability score of 78 out of 100.” (www.classictoyotahenderson.com). The car you went to pick up your newborn baby from the hospital in is now chauffeuring them to their first teen concert!

  1. Great on and off-road – Great for the country and the city.

Toyota 4×4 is designed to handle most sticky situations like dusty and sandy roads and uneven, harsh terrain. According to Toyota UK, the Land Cruiser comes with a multi-terrain feature, which can switch the car’s terrain response to five terrain environments. If you are not a Toyota Land Cruiser driver and want to know more, click here (www.n14x4.co.za).

  1. Safety First!

Safety is of utmost importance to the Toyota family. The Toyota Hilux and RAV4 are built with Toyota Safety Sense features, including a pre-collision system, lane departure alert, and road sign assist. According to Car Buyer, the Hilux scored an overall rating of 93% for adult occupant protection and 82% for child occupant protection, giving it a total rating of 4 out of 5 stars for reliability and safety. This is proof that Toyota prioritises safety when manufacturing its vehicles.

  1. Perfect for those much-needed family adventures.

Toyota 4×4 is built with comfortable, spacious interiors, with some boasting as many as seven seats, making it the perfect family car. This makes it an excellent investment if you have a large family and enjoy going on long trips with family and friends. Did we mention how comfortable it is?

  1. Strength – For when you need extra power.

Now for those of you that shuffle between business and leisurely travel, the all-new Toyota Hilux is the perfect match for you. Built with a range of powerful, efficient engines, it has the ability to tow up to 3.5 tons of weight. That’s real strength!

  1. Well, the most obvious reason of all – We have got your back!

N1 4×4 is fully equipped with over 15 000 Toyota original parts, we are have used and refurbished parts, which will be a little lighter on your pocket, and an RMI certified workshop and skilled mechanics to ensure that your Toyota 4×4 gets the TLC it deserves to have it in tip-top shape!

So, suppose you don’t already drive a 4×4 and are shopping around for one amongst all the beautiful beasts being created by other vehicle manufacturers. In that case, we hope we’ve given you a good reason or two as to why you need to choose a Toyota 4×4.



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