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 The Good The Bad And The Ugly Of Replacement Parts

The Good The Bad And The Ugly Of Replacement Parts

In total, there are four categories of parts that can be used to repair a vehicle, namely OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Parts, Recycled/Reconditioned Parts, Remanufactured Parts, and Aftermarket Parts.

  • OEM parts are those produced by the manufacturer of your particular vehicle, the “gold standard”. These will look good, fit seamlessly and offer the highest level of safety.
  • Recycled or reconditioned parts could be original to your vehicle’s particular make and model, but they have been previously used. The parts are cleaned, serviced, and tested to ensure quality and integrity.
  • Remanufacturing is a more thorough and costly process that works toward a higher standard than refurbishing. A “reman” part is an OEM part that has been stripped down to replace its worn components. A remanufactured part is equivalent to a new part in terms of quality and robustness and should be just as reliable.
  • Aftermarket parts may be the cheapest available option, but are mass-produced by third parties to fit a variety of vehicles and may not fit your vehicle the way an OEM part would.

Many motorists order replacement parts anywhere that they can find them cheaper. As you can guess, most counterfeit auto parts originate in China. And although this sounds close enough to Japan, you will never know exactly what you get. Some things, like clothes, shoes, and car parts need to fit your unique body shape, your feet, or your vehicle and we all know that shopping from unknown suppliers has its risks – mostly because what you bought doesn’t fit the way you thought they would or quality of the item or craftsmanship is poor. Penny wise and pound foolish they would be because the quality of aftermarket parts can vary wildly, while the quality of OEM parts is assured. With OEM parts at least you know that you are replacing a worn-out part with a duplicate that was designed for your particular vehicle.

At N1 4X4, we understand the importance of well-fitting, quality parts so that when you come to us you know what to expect.  We know our stuff, through experience and training. You can count on our advice and feel more secure about the parts you’re getting.  Our service consultants and technicians have seen and worked on many Toyotas over the years and our workshops are RMI certified.

To further set your mind at ease – genuine Toyota OEM parts have an unlimited mileage warranty and a 12-month warranty. When you buy aftermarket parts, you cannot rely on any warranty or promises, and even returning a part that does not fit your vehicle can be an arduous ordeal. Also, keep in mind that your 4×4’s own warranty may be at risk when you choose a replacement part that is not original. This in turn could decrease your vehicle’s resale value.

At first glance, the genuine Toyota OEM parts may cost more, but they will pay off in the long run. N1 4X4 is one of South Africa’s biggest suppliers of new, used & reconditioned parts for Cruisers and Toyota 4WD’S. Our online shop will soon be open for your convenience, so watch this space: https://n14x4.co.za/

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